Wednesday, October 31, 2012

faculty in the field at IBMz innov center

Me, Nick Morales (IBM), Prof Kwan, Prof Shirani
As you can probably tell, I love to show off how connected the MIS faculty are in Silicon Valley. They really get out there into the companies that are driving the industry and get their hands dirty with the latest/greatest technologies and biz practices.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here about a Big Data & Analytics Hackathon put on by IBM at their Innovation Center in Foster City. You should have gone!

It was an awesome chance to get your hands on IBM's cutting edge tools for analytics--we worked through an example that captured unstructured content from random tweets, blogs, etc. to run sentiment analysis, in this case, on what was the attitude out there on the net regarding IBM's Watson machine (the one that won Jeopardy! a couple of years back.) Walking through the process, step-by-step, you really learn a ton quickly and this stuff all starts to make sense. Seriously, you should have gone.

Professors Kwan and Shirani were there too. And who should I run into there but Nic Morales, one of my former students who graduated in MIS in 2005. Now he's a big shot at IBM working on their latest/greatest. So cool. Not that I would take any credit for having contributed to his success in some small way, but...great to see him thriving and in such a cool place.

So next time I recommend going somewhere for something--go somewhere for something. Expand your horizons while you have a chance. Oh...and yeah, there was free food. Always with the free food, you guys...sheesh.

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