Tuesday, September 25, 2012

one year later: back to the chair's chair

Exactly one year ago today, I said goodbye for awhile as I moved out of the MIS Chair's office to temporarily fill in as Associate Dean for the Lucas Graduate School. I was lucky to have Rich Burkhard willing to fill in as chair and to have Jeanne Sawyer willing to take over his 110b sections so he could. It was a pain for both of them but that's the kind of troopers we have in this department. Between the faculty, the students and our program, I really missed my old job and am SO happy to be back here now that a permanent Associate Dean has been hired upstairs.

I'm still catching up on everything but high on my list is getting this blog going again. So this is the new start but there's more coming soon so stay tuned. I'm really excited because lots of great things have been and will be going on around here and this is a great channel to get the word out to everyone. I was stunned to see BT250h page views have crossed the 10k mark at this point! Thanks a ton to everyone for sticking with it during my hiatus. Things will be hopping here again soon. Promise.

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