Wednesday, September 26, 2012

observations on the job fair this thursday (9/27)

Heck if you're an MIS student you really need to get to the job fair this Thursday, 12-5pm at the Event Center. Even if you're not graduating yet, you should go to look for internships and also to get a sense of the MIS job landscape to prepare for when you are graduating. Check out these tips for success at the fair from the Career Center.

Taking a look at the list of recruiters who are planning to come I saw some great news for MIS students. Out of the 149 recruiting employers in the list I was sent about a week ago, 29 of them have specifically listed MIS as a concentration they want to hire from. Now that's 20% of all the employers and remember, this fair covers all the majors on campus. So 1 in 5 want MIS, specifically. That's awesome and a big improvement from where we stood a few years ago. (Accounting has exactly the same number as us but, of course, they have twice as many students as we do, all vying for those same 29 recruiting companies!)

These MIS-seeking recruiters include big names like IBM, Oracle, SAP, HP, Symantec, McAfee, Brocade and Yahoo as well as Safeway, Teradata, TiVo and smaller companies like Proofpoint and Avenade. Even the US Fish and Wildlife Service!

Now there is also another bunch (16) that really want MIS but somehow missed listing it. These include Axcient, Cisco, eBay, EMC, Fortinet, Hitachi, Intel, Intuit, Junction, Juniper, Maxim, MobileSolution, MobiTV, Netsuite, VMWare and Xactly. How do I know they really want MIS? From who they are, the job descriptions they're recruiting for and the list of majors they did include. Also, I know for a fact that we have MIS grads already hired at most of these, especially Cisco, where we have a whole bunch. Sometimes  the recruiters at these companies just don't know about MIS or don't realize it's here at SJSU or it's just an oversight.

So listen. I will go and visit the tables of these 16 just ahead of the opening of the fair to deliver a flyer about what MIS students bring to the table and to convince them to talk to you and to list MIS in the future. I've done this before and it's worked with 90% of the folks I approached. That's part of how we got up to 20% listing MIS today. (Proofpoint is one example). So plan to visit them anyway, if you're interested, because you're really what they're looking for and I will be prepping them accordingly that morning, ok?

With the 29 MIS-listers, we're about in the top 10% of all majors on campus in terms of number of recruiters listing. If you add the 16 that should have listed us, we're in then we're in the top 2% of most sought after majors on campus, 2nd only (by a little) to Computer Science/Engineering. That's awesome and makes total sense because we're in Silicon Valley which equals business + technology which is what we are. It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? Go get 'em. Good luck!


  1. Thanks Professor Hill. I really appreciate you going to bat for MIS students prior to the fair.

  2. Thanks for the nod, David. Much appreciated. It's a labor of love for me, so it's my pleasure. If you or anyone else can think of other things I should be doing to to better promote the program and the students, please let me know.