Thursday, September 27, 2012

real-time job fair update

To follow up on my last post - I just left the job fair as it opened up to students and wanted to let everyone know what I heard when I talked to the employers that hadn't listed MIS specifically, even though I thought they should. I gave them a one-pager describing the program and chatted with them a bit. Most were totally enthusiastic and wished they had listed MIS and promised to next time. Those were happy that I had suggested students talk to them today anyway. A couple were open to MIS as a possibility but not totally enthusiastic (yet). Here are a few observations for each below. Hopefully folks will see this before you go or on your phone while you're standing in line there:
  • Axcient - open but pretty tech heavy 
  • Cisco - totally enthusiastic, left off MIS by mistake, promised to add next time, (talked to Angelina)
  • eBay - enthusiastic, promised to add next time
  • EMC - totally enthusiastic, left off MIS by mistake, offered tours & guest lectures, I talked to Paul.
  • Fortinet - enthusiastic (I talked to Allison and Lee)
  • Hitachi - open to MIS and planning to discuss at a staff meeting tomorrow for next time
  • Intel - open, willing to accept MIS resumes for consideration
  • Intuit - enthusiastic, planning to add MIS next time
  • Junction - very enthusiastic; been looking for the bus+tech blend! first visit-will add next time, talk to "Grey"
  • Juniper - totally enthusiastic, will add next time (talked to Erika)
  • Maxim - fairly open to MIS but not enthusiastically so (yet)
  • MobileSolution - missing, no show 
  • MobiTV - open but pretty tech-heavy
  • Netsuite - expecting to be enthusiastic in spring when MIS position(s) open up; willing to talk now
  • VMWare - totally enthusiastic
  • Xactly - very enthusiastic; talk to Janet
Hope that helps. Good luck!


  1. Hi Tim!

    I have heard lots of good things about EMC, unfortunately I wasn't able to speak with Paul, but I think it would be really awesome if MISA could setup a day to tour EMC!

    - Jeremy

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. Yeah, it's a sharp outfit and we have some excellent grads working there. I got Paul's card and I am happy to help make that connection for an MISA tour. I have been there before and I learned a ton!

  3. Thank you for all your help, Dr. Hill. It will definitely make our job-hunting experience a little less painful!

    - Nanditha.