Thursday, September 27, 2012

cool, free IBM "hackathon" opp next TH

This came across my desk just now and I thought I would just forward and delete but it snagged my interest and now I signed myself up! (So I'll be there but don't let that stop you from going!)

It's a free IBM "Hackathon" where you can get hands-on experience with a pretty awesome-sounding tool for Big Data Text Analytics which is totally red-hot right now. I always encourage outside learning opportunities like this, especially when you get to try it out yourself and super-especially when it's a leading-edge tool & company like this. IBM does a really good job with stuff like this so it should be worthwhile. Plus you can always say you've been up to the IBM Innovation Center and yes, that does score points when you're interviewing with Google or whoever. They LOVE to hear that you're reaching out of your comfort zone to enrich your mind beyond just sitting through your classes. Seriously. And you're super-lucky to be living in the world's epicenter for this kind of stuff--the MIS students at Ohio State or University of Florida  would kill for something like this. They have to get excited about visiting the data center at the local tire plant or orange groves. Can you imagine? So exploit your advantages, like this. Register here: 

about IBM's Text Analytics Hackathon

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