Sunday, September 25, 2011

MISA's prez is the best (proof)

So again, I'm just now catching up with the big news from last spring but this item is still totally relevant because the current president of the MIS Association, Richard Bartmess, is the same one we had last spring when we/he won President of the Year for the College of Business.

The pic shows a bunch of us at the Business Students Awards banquet held at Flames last April where he received the plaque. (That' him holding it, of course.) Robert Fisher (immediately right of Richard) was nominated for Leader of the Year and totally deserved it too but we didn't snag that one. Still it was really fun and we were super proud of both of them. And if you're not in MISA now you obviously should be for a number of reasons but especially because we still have Richard around, continuing his awesome presidentialness for another year and it really shows in the activities and success of the club itself.

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