Sunday, September 25, 2011

MIS has the best faculty. Here's proof!

(Really sorry I'm just catching up with this but better late than never.) Just wanted to make sure everybody knows that, last April, one of our MIS faculty family was selected as the SJSU Outstanding Lecturer for the 2010/11 school year–Jeff Gaines. That's right, this award recognizes the best one on the entire campus and he got it! (Sorry the pic is a vid cap so kind of fuzzy but this is him giving his acceptance address. Here's an SJSU PR article about his award and it's got a better pic.)

Not that we're surprised. Those of us who know him always thought he should get it and it was just a matter of time. Finally the rest of the campus figured out what a smart, talented and dedicated teacher he is and made it official. Yay!

For those of you who haven't had a chance to be in class with him, let me tell you he's always working like crazy trying to make the student experience the best it can be. He has amazing Silicon Valley contacts that he brings into the classroom, he takes students up to the Web 2.0 conference in SF every years and gets them special admission to presentations, he works with the student club leadership council and takes them on camping retreats in the redwoods–he's a real asset to the campus and the university and we're lucky to have him.

Stop by his office sometime or send him a congrats email if you get a chance. Oh and try to get into his MIS elective (or his 188 sections if you're not an MIS student), but good luck. They tend to be packed, of course. Wish he had a twin we could hire, too.

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