Friday, July 1, 2011

fall registration update: surge in demand for MIS courses!

We've got a buzz going! MIS is hot (as it should be) and showing an unexpected surge in enrollments already for Fall with some sections full or near full already. We are tracking the numbers and will do our best to make accommodations but please go ahead and get on waiting lists so we know how much demand we really have. 

Note: Bus 92 (or equivalent) is a PRE-requisite for 110A and this WILL be enforced by the instructor, even though the system allows you to register for both concurrently. There are many programming courses at the local community colleges that qualify as a 92 equivalent. (at least 3 units, hands-on computer programming assignments, any standard programming language) and it may be possible to take one yet this summer. (Check w/BSAC or MIS professors Albert or Aggarwal to be sure.)

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