Friday, May 13, 2011

MIS Grad convocation is ON - buy tickets now

Just confirming that the MIS graduation convocation is definitely happening (May 28, 2:30pm, Barrett Ballroom) and if you're graduating, this is the one you don't want to miss, for sure. We were a bit delayed this year, trying to bring up a new electronic ticketing system, but it's working now so get your tickets ASAP.

As an MIS grad you can go to any or all of three ceremonies. The "Commencement," in the stadium, is for the whole campus that same morning. It's grand but huge & long and your only recognition is to stand with your group for applause and then sit down (no "walking"). The CoB ceremony in the Event Center, the day before ours, is nice but still long (2+ hours). You have to sit through a few hundred people processing across the stage (1% "walking"; 99% watching).

The MIS ceremony, in the ballroom, has all the same music, flowers & decorations, etc. but is shorter (1hr), focused and smaller, so each grad gets more attention. When you're called up, you get a minute at the mic to say a few words to your family & friends (optional). We take a nice picture as you're congratulated by the dean and all your MIS professors and they present you with a certificate (suitable for framing) and a special gift to remember us by. Oh, and afterward, we have the best punch & cookies west of the eastern seaboard.

Most departments don't do this (it's a lot of work to put together) but we're proud of our grads and want to cap off their experience with a really memorable event, so do consider being part of it if you can.

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