Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tonight and next Wed: free opps to learn from Google & Salesforce on campus

Never pass up a chance to access people from the industry leaders coming to campus to teach you about their world. It's a chance to hear what's really going on out there from the people who are actually doing it and it gives you a glimpse inside the company so you get a sense of their corporate culture - maybe you even get a role model with qualities you can emulate. In both of these cases, you'll learn some cutting edge "how-to" knowledge too and acquire something to bring up in job interviews to show your "passion for technology and the industry" which is a critical factor employers all look for. (See previous post here.)

These two opportunities are particularly choice as they come from high-profile giants in the industry. Thanks to Professor Gaines who leverages his industry contacts to get these people into his class and then opens it up to all MIS students, too. Here are the details:

Google Mobile team will be in tonight (W 4/6 at 6:00PM in BBC204) to talk about the App Inventor product that allows you to build Android application easily and has an emulator for you to view a project even without an Android device.

Next week (W 4/13 at 6:00PM in BBC204) is coming in to talk about and then will take students to the lab to develop a couple of easy applications using their tools.

All MIS students welcome and encouraged. If you are interested in attending either one of these please RSVP at

See you there! 

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