Monday, April 25, 2011

Tech-related Job Market Surge Reminiscent of the Boom Days

On the first night of my career at SJSU, back in 1998, I found a crowd in the hall, clustered around the doorway to my classroom. At first I thought there must be some kind of incident going on–a fight or someone had collapsed or something inside. Turned out it was the overflow of students begging to add the class. The seats were all taken, the floor space was used up and the rest had to watch the 3 hour session by straining to see in from the hallway. 45 student were registered and something like another 90 were pleading for an add code! The boom was bringing us students (1600 MIS majors at the peak!) and taking away faculty at the same time so it was impossible to staff enough classes to meet demand. I recall students getting an extra $5k from employers for every friend they could bring along to hire!

That was crazy and I don't even want to go back to it. But it's great to see that my intuition was right - the tech sector is picking up and the jobs are coming back with it. Everyone heard about Google hiring big time this spring. Then I started getting more and more intern requests from all kinds of companies - way more than I was used to in the past. I suspected this was a leading indicator for permanent jobs and it looks like I was right.

Here's an article from the San Francisco Chronicle's website, SFGate, reporting on a survey of Silicon Valley CEO's and concluding that a hiring surge is underway and expected to continue. The polling numbers were the highest since this annual survey started eight years ago.  Here's another from USAToday entitled "Tech jobs boom like it's 1999". It says the number of tech jobs in San Francisco is back near the peak it hit in 2000, the height of the tech bubble. A spokesman for is quoted as saying that for the first time in years, the power is with the job seeker and not the company.

This is quite a turnaround from the last several years and good to see but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep striving to build yourself up to get the best job you can, ie. put the effort into your classes and also take advantage of the tutorial/refresher sessions and other enrichment opportunities that we are striving to make available to you! (See other posts) Employers still aren't desperate enough to hire someone who doesn't impress them with their knowledge, skills and passion for technology & making a positive contribution. So gear up and get an amazingly great job.

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