Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sign-up for this Friday's Project Management Refresher & more

These Friday afternoon sessions are now open to all students, not just graduating seniors, and I strongly urge you to take advantage of them as a great way to enhance your "employability" for internships as well as career jobs.

This Friday's session on project management, the content of 119a, is an excellent opportunity especially because this area of skills and knowledge has been much sought after by those hiring our students. For example, an opportunity that has just come up from a top employer you all know includes this qualification spec: "Proven ability to successfully manage multiple projects from concept to delivery while meeting schedule timeframes." That's 119a and that's what you'll get in a 3-hour nutshell this Friday, April 29, 1-4pm, in BBC304 with award-winning professor, Larry Gee.

But you have to register by emailing me...now! (Timothy.Hill@sjsu.edu)

And don't forget to register for the other remaining sessions:
  • Friday, May 6: Linux/php/mySQL/apache 101 by resident Google guru, Robert Fischer
  • Friday, May 13: NetApp Team Presents Cutting Edge IT, Virtualization, Cloud & Storage 101
These are special opportunities you're lucky to have and that shouldn't be missed.

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