Monday, April 18, 2011

recruiters: "better comm!" - us: "comm workshop this Fri!"

We try to get a lot of feedback from employers/recruiters about our students and overall, they're quite pleased but the one thing they all agree we need to improve is communication skills. Not programming, or database or networking. Communication skills, over and over. 

Ok, here's your chance. This Friday, the 22nd, 1-4pm, BBC121 (note room change for this event only), the MIS CareerEdge series is bringing in a professional communications consultant, Anjali Rao, from Charis Intercultural Training. She's designing a special, interactive workshop customized to our students with strategies and tips for job interviews, etc. and accent reduction for those who need help with that. RSVP to me now ( to hold a space.

NOTE: We are now opening up these CareerEdge sessions to all MIS students, not just graduating seniors, though the latter do get first priority.

The CommUnication Workshop: Highlighting the You

This interactive and informative workshop focuses on communication and presentation skills needed in today's business environment. You will learn the key U.S American communication styles and gain an introduction to public speaking and rapport building strategies. You can apply these recommendations in interviewing, making a positive impression and building strong networks. This workshop will also give you a few linguistic tips and a preview to additional resources to help reduce accent so you can communicate effectively. Come and learn how to get your voice heard!

Don't miss this opportunity to improve on what employers say is the #1 thing they look for!

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