Tuesday, April 12, 2011

real-time update on the job fair

Ok, so I just got back from the job fair, talking to those six employers that I thought were good targets even though they hadn't listed MIS specifically among the majors they were seeking. (see preceding post). As I'd expected, after hearing what the MIS program was about, 100% of them said YES, they were interested in MIS students. G2, SAP and Kemet were even super-enthusiastic. If you're heading over there yet today (closes at 3pm), be sure to talk to them, including Jim or Janine at the SAP booth.

Below is the text from the flyer I've been using to give them the 1-minute overview. You may may want to check out these points and hit them when you chat with the reps:

A concentration in the College of Business at SJSU, MIS is the only program on campus that combines both business and technology, giving students a unique ability to work at this intersection that defines Silicon Valley.
MIS students:
·      take at least one and often two semesters of web programming
·      take at least one and often two semesters of database
·      take at least one and often two semesters of networking
·      take at least one and sometimes two semesters (honors) of project management practicum – a real systems project (team)
·      take one semester of systems analysis and design
·      take one semester on strategic use of information systems

MIS students also take all the same business core courses as other business students: marketing, finance, accounting, management, etc. so they:

·      “get it” about customer service and bottom lines
·      have a team perspective and team experience
·      develop communication skills and professional habits
·      understand the functional business units to enable interfacing with technology

Because they know both sides (business and technology), MIS students get an extremely broad variety of jobs at the major players in Silicon Valley and non-techs as well, eg. Google, Safeway, Apple, Kaiser-Permanente, NASA-Ames, Apple, Alaska Airlines, etc.

For more information, see the MIS Department website at:

or contact department chair Tim Hill at:

(408) 924-3512

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