Monday, April 11, 2011

MIS sought by 21% of employers at SJSU Spring Job & Internship Fair

I just looked through the listings for tomorrow's Spring Job & Internship Fair and I found 15 of the 72 employers said they wanted to interview students from MIS, specifically. That's 21%! Pretty sweet. I think we're seeing the local job market picking up and also the awareness of the value of MIS picking up among employers.

Again, a few employers (6) didn't list MIS specifically but I think they probably should have and I'm planning to go early tomorrow to see if I can convince them. In case you're going, here's my list of these:
  • Abaca Technology (Software Development Intern)
  • Aruba Networks (Various Technical & Business Careers)
  • G2 Technology (Product Marketing Manager)
  • Kemet Technologies (Sales Rep)
  • Minerva Networks (Web developer, IT administrator)
  • SAP (Quality Specialist, Software Developer)
If you go to the Fair, consider hitting these six, in addition to the other fifteen. I think MIS students may have a good shot at these as well.

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