Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MIS graduation convocation is on and not to be missed

If you're planning to go through graduation this spring, you'll want to participate in the MIS Graduation Convocation, for sure. You can also do the University-wide ceremony ("Commencement") and the CoB one too. But the MIS convocation is not to be missed. Why?

Since it's only for MIS, it's smaller and you get more personal attention. You get to walk across the stage when your name is called, shaking hands with the MIS faculty and the dean, and you even get to say a few words over the mic to your friends & family. There's time for this because it's small enough. (At commencement you stand up with everyone else for 5 seconds of applause - no names. At the CoB ceremony, you get to walk but not talk - there are several hundred grads to get through in only 2.5 hours!)

The MIS event runs on Saturday, May 28th, in the afternoon after Commencement in the morning. It's held in the Barret Ballroom in the Student Union. Reception starts at 2:30. Ceremony at 3:30.  If you graduated in Fall 2010, or have applied to graduate this spring or this summer or fall and will have 6 or fewer units left to complete after May, you are eligible and it's not too late to sign up but you need to email me ASAP. (Timothy.Hill@sjsu.edu)

Note: We're still ironing out a new electronic ticket system for this. Stay tuned for details on that part.

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