Monday, April 11, 2011

get SAD with Prof Burkhard this Fri at 1 to boost your interview-ability

The economy may be picking up but employers still want to make sure you didn't just get through your courses but actually learned something. If you're interviewing then, you want to be able to tell them what you know and can do. You want to have that at your fingertips, ready to go, and you want to be convincing.

Try this. Tell me what you know about these Systems Analysis & Design (SAD) topics:
  • Enterprise analysis and modeling
  • The UML 2.0 standard concepts, models and diagrams
  • Structured modeling techniques, Object-oriented modeling techniques, and agile approaches
  • Modeling and prototyping tools
  • User interface design, including technical and user documentation
  • Implementation planning and project management took 110B a year ago and sold the book, right? No problem - you just need a refresher to make what you learned before...fresh. This Friday. 4/15. 1-4pm. BBC304. Professor Burkhard. 3 units of material boiled down to 3 hours. A semester in an afternoon. Like riding a bike.

Free. But you have to RSVP to me at

Note: 4/29, same time & location: Professor Gee refreshes you on Project Management (119a). RSVP for that too now.

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