Thursday, March 31, 2011

more CareerEdge resources here

There are tons of things we faculty wish we could squeeze into the MIS courses but just can't–we'd have to take out something else and what's in there now is all critical. So we've decided to build a repository of extra-curricular online resources - a 'menu' of brain-nutritional options you can choose from to enhance your knowledge & skills....your 'career fitness'. The resources will be accompanied by career 'parings', suggestions as to the career paths that the resource is best for.

We'll be building this over the coming months but for now, I've created the page behind the blog roll here at bt250h and added some highly recommended resources for digging deeper into Python. Here's the link to the new CareerEdge page here:

And it's now a tab at near the top of this page, under the header/intro so you can find it easily when you come back.

I'll always write a blog posting here when I update this new page with additional materials.

Hope you're 'hungry.'

Bon Appetite

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