Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Job Fair Flash: Many employers want MIS but didn't say so

So I just got back from the Job Fair. As I mentioned in the last post, I wanted to get in ahead of the students and talk to the employers that I thought should be interviewing our students, even though they didn't list MIS. I took them a one-page description of the MIS program and described how our students have both the technology and business, etc. Well, as I had suspected, nearly all of them said yes, they wanted to talk to MIS students, too. So I hope you guys are taking the advice I gave in the last posting to go ahead and approach these other places. Here's a list of the ones I just spoke with just now that welcome MIS even though they didn't say so:
  • Applied Materials (interested)
  • Axcient (very interested)
  • Cisco (totally knows they hire our students and welcome more)
  • CTB/McGraw-Hill (had some good ideas about slots that would be just right for MIS)
  • EMC (knows our former grad, Chris Asing, now a high level manager there)
  • Hitachi GST (handed me an intern position description on the spot - needed in 30 days!)
  • Proofpoint (I ran into them by accident and they were totally interested)
  • Sysbase (realized they hired MIS in the past and promised to list it next time)
  • Symantec (met the guy who has emailed me for MIS student in the past - said 2 MIS internships just opened yesterday)
  • VMware (totally interested)
  • Yahoo (very welcoming, said "send them up")
There are probably many more that I just didn't get to so definitely don't let it stop you if they didn't say MIS!


  1. Thanks for the highlight professor

  2. No problem. I'm happy to help. I want you all to get great jobs!

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