Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An "In" for Internships at Kaiser (Urgent!)

So one of our recent MIS alums, Brian Chan, who did a series of internships at Kaiser Permanente and then got hired into a permanent job there, got in touch recently to help current MIS students follow in his footsteps but you need to act quickly if your interested in getting his help - like this week, yes, even though it's Spring Break. (Businesses have their own schedules and they don't take spring break.)

Brian invited our MIS juniors and seniors, not yet graduating, to apply online (see link below) AND send him a resume (contact info below) so he can help make the connection. He listed three internships he could help with: IT Governance (066567), IT Communications (066577) and IT Network and Wireless (066461) and he gave this URL where you can easily look up the job descriptions yourself:

But he said they are filling up fast so you need to get in touch this week! Note: When you use this link, you can set the search filter to specify "Area of Interest" as "Information Technology" and then enter two keywords "internship" and "undergrad" (NOT "undergraduate"). I just did this and there are quite a few opportunities that show up, including two of the three that Brian said he could help with (the communications one may be gone already), plus like around 15 others spread across Oakland, Walnut Creek and Pleasanton locations that you might apply for even without Brian's help.

KP is known to be a "gold standard" IT operation, especially among the health providers. They have a reputation as being a leader on the forefront of using new technologies in new ways and I once heard their CIO interviewed on the radio, maybe it was Charlie Rose's show, and I was totally impressed with his description of what they do. So I highly recommend this opportunity, especially given Brian's help. Here's his contact info:

Business Consultant 
Data Center Track, Infrastructure Program 
Kaiser Permanente Information Technology 

Don't hold yourself back with self-doubt about what you know or don't know already. This is an internship - they're not looking for lots of knowledge and skills, just passion for the technology and eagerness to learn and contribute. At least apply and let them decide - don't make the decision for them by not following up.

Good luck and remember to give back someday like Brian when you're set!

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