Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If Project Mgmt (119a/h) is Your Thing, Get in on This

In recent years, we've had lots of our MIS students getting hired especially for the project management skills & knowledge they pick up in 119a/h. If you're into it and looking to pursue that kind of job, you have a terrific opportunity to network with professional project managers every month over dinner with the Silicon Valley chapter of the PMI (Proejct Management Institute). This is the professional society for project managers–a "club", like MISA but for working professionals to get together, network, and learn about new things going on in their industry. Most of these folks have the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and years of experience.

One thing they love to do is bring in "young people" like our MIS students to meet them and hear about what they do. Professor Sridar brought a group of his students (and me) along to one of their monthly dinner meetings awhile back and I was totally impressed with this group. They were extremely welcoming and encouraging to our students (and me) and I learned a lot from the excellent after-dinner speaker.

It's not too formal, they use a banquet room at Michael's on Shoreline. There were around 40-50 people there. They have cocktails first and chat. Then dinner - they seated one student at each table so there were five or six professionals there to chat with each student. Dinner was excellent and followed by dessert & a presentation on some new development in the field, which was excellent. This is normally $30 for non-members but they give students a break for $20. Well worth the price to get to know these folks and their field, especially if you're looking for a job opp.

The next dinner is 4/25, 5:30-8:30pm and you can get details & register online before 4/22 (10pm) at:

Note that there is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification that students can get from the PMI. Here's the certifications web page from the SV Chapter. Scroll down to find the CAPM info.

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