Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Career Edge Opportunity

I haven't played the real game of "musical chairs" in a long, long time (several decades?!) but I remember I was really good at it as a kid. Why? Because while the music was playing, the other kids were just wandering along, waiting until the music stopped to figure out what to do. But I. I was always planning my next move, targeting this chair, then that one, striding slowly down the rows, quickly around the corners where there was no place to sit, etc. It worked for me over and over and paid off with some great candy, prizes, etc.

By now I'm sure you get my point - if you're on the job market right now, you're in the game and you don't want to be the one left standing when the music stops. You need to be going after every competitive edge you can get and there's another opportunity coming up this Thursday, March 10, 1:30-3:30 in BBC 202.

It's a presentation by Oracle, not focused on the company itself, but about things MIS students should know & can do to get good jobs with today's top employers like Oracle. From what I can tell in the description, it will be useful practical tips - they list things like what tech leaders are looking for in terms of resumes & cover letters and how to put together an impressive portfolio of the projects you've worked on in class, etc. (That's a tip I forgot to put in my earlier post on job-seeking tips–show off your class projects: employers love to see that you've actually done something in your classes, not just been sitting there watching...and Facebooking...at the time.)

Oh, and don't bother challenging me to musical chairs at this point. I still haven't revealed all my secrets to winning and I still love candy & prizes.

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