Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Break: Cabo or Web 2.0 Expo? (not a trick question)

If you're an MIS student (or alum or faculty, even), but especially if you're a graduating senior, you might want to think about taking Spring Break at the Moscone Center in SF this year. (!) Hopefully you're developing your passion for technology and this would be a way better place to feed that than Cabo San Lucas or Squaw Valley (both lame, technology-wise). Plus way free.

All you need is a registration promo code for a free Expo Hall pass to the Web 2.0 Expo, the big trade show "for the builders of the next-generation web: designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and business strategists." Professor Gaines takes students there every year to check out all the cool new technologies and startups that set up fancy booths with demos, lots of SWAG to give away, etc.

Check out this page at to get the promo code and then register here.

The pass gets you access to
  • All keynotes (Tuesday-Thursday)
  • All sessions in the sponsored sessions track (Tuesday-Wednesday)
  • Expo Hall and all events held there (Tuesday-Wednesday)
  • Web 2.0 Solutions Theater (in Expo Hall)
It's a lot of fun and you could learn a lot there, too. You can see who's who in the Web 2.0 "space" and the reps give lots of tutorials & demos about their products/services. Of course, don't believe everything you hear. (And talk to the reps but please be considerate–don't divert them from giving their spiel to real potential customers.)

Remember, as discussed in my previous posting here, employers look for that passion for technology during an interview, so take advantage of this opportunity if you can. Your interviewers will not be so impressed to see your tan or hear about your snowboarding adventures, so make a wise spring break plan given this tough job market.

You can go on your own but if you want to hang out with Professor Gaines and his students, fill out this online form and he'll be in touch. (Note: he says that Tuesday is the best day in terms of free conference sessions you may want to attend but he'll be there every day.)

After you go, post comments here about what you learned, liked, didn't like, etc. Hope to see you there.

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