Friday, February 11, 2011

MIS grad grabs choice entry-level job@cisco (u can 2!)

We keep saying our grads can compete with the best out there and they keep proving us right. Recent grad, Louis Ceaser IV has just landed a job in Cisco's highly competitive Sales Associate Program. Cisco recruits top candidates from all the best schools in the country for this program that includes a full year of training. Their presentation (below) says they screened 1423 registered applicants to get down to 23 offers made (100% were accepted) and Louis got one of them. Congratulations, guy! This says a lot about our program and we're proud of you. Best of luck. Go get 'em! (Note: as we point out on the MIS website, technical sales is a great place for MIS grads because you have the technology underpinning combined with business understanding and communication skills so you can make the business case to customers for buying the technology products.)

Here's Cisco's PDF presentation about the program which includes some valuable advice for recruiting not just at Cisco but anywhere and gives you a sense of what top companies are looking for. Even if you're not on job market now, I highly recommend you check it out and see what companies are looking for and expecting so you can start pursing growth opportunities in that direction.

In fact, the MIS department is currently planning to launch a series of job market tune-up opportunities in the next few weeks to help near-graduates refresh what they learned in the program and add a some supplemental skills & knowledge as well. Stay tuned!


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