Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well-known MIS Professor/Silicon Valley Expert visits SJSU

Last month we snagged a true MIS VIP/visionary to come visit - John Gallaugher is an MIS professor at Boston College. He's well-known throughout the MIS world, both in academic and professional arenas, having been featured in Business Week, for example, and also writing the textbook we use here our 118S elective (eWorld), Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology. Despite his East Coast location, he's an expert on Silicon Valley and has built a program at BC around week-long "field trips" where his students fly here and meet with high-level executives at no less than 20 different SV companies.

John's a great guy and after a long flight out here, was happy to run straight from the airport to catch the end of 118S to chat with our students who had been studying from his book all semester long. They all found him entertaining and inspiring. Totally. He even stayed around to sign students' books before I took him to a late dinner at his hotel (at something like 1:00 am his time).

Next day he was up bright and early and spent the day meeting with various groups around the college, especially the MIS faculty, to help us think about ways to better leverage our location and contacts around Silicon Valley and integrate it all into the curriculum and student experience. A beer & a bite to eat at Flames and then we dropped him back at the airport less than 24 hours after he'd arrived, exhausted I'm sure, but leaving us with tons of great ideas and enthusiam about what we have been doing and what we can do, going forward.

Great thanks to John for taking time away from the rest of his life and making the long-haul trip to spend some time with us and help us brainstorm some terrific ideas for enriching our programs. We hope this is the start of something big, both in terms of our initiatives and our relationship with John so hopefully he'll be back soon and often. In the meantime, John keeps up a terrific set of resources on the Web, including his excellent blog, The Week in Geek, which I highly recommend.

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