Monday, January 24, 2011

business analyst job opp (immediate!, full-time, contract)

Here's a position description being recruited by a third party recruiter, Canvas Info Tech, that would be ideal of MIS seniors or recent grads. They contacted the SJSU Career Center looking for someone to fill this full-time, contract position immediately ("ASAP"). Note: the version they gave to the Career Center for placing on the SpartaJobs website is not as demanding as what you see at this link to the company website, eg. they gave the career center "0-2 years experience" so don't be discouraged - look it up on SpartaJobs.

You'll see the list of desired skills aligns almost perfectly with the MIS program: "Knowledge of Rational Rose, Dreamweaver, SQL, UML Design, Entity-relationship Diagram, Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint". (We've been hoping to teach Dreamweaver in 118W, but Adobe refuses to give universities an affordable educational discount license. But you could download a trial version, pick up a book and in a few days teach yourself enough to get by.)

And the job duties description aligns with us as well: "Operate as a spokesperson for the business departments and interact with IT to determine appropriate solutions to business problems. Provide analysis, definition and direction to development and maintenance activities. Ensure business functionality, requirements, and operational excellence standards are met."

Not sure if this is multiple positions and whether it's for placement at other companies or not but if you're an MIS student, you should be ideally qualified for this and crazy not to check it out, at least. And if you do, let me know what happens via email for by commenting on this post, ok? Good luck!

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