Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Lost Boy of Sudan Found Among the MIS Grads

Last week’s CoB graduation ceremony was an especially proud moment for one MIS student who beat incredible odds to get there. Joseph Liah was one of the Sudanese refugee children whose heart-rending plight was depicted in the award-winning documentary, The Lost Boys of Sudan.  Innocent victims of a brutal civil war spanning over two decades, these boys were the most badly war-traumatized children ever, according to the film, forced to face thirst, starvation, wild animals, insects, and disease. Joseph was conscripted into the rebel army at age ten before escaping to a refugee camp in Kenya where he spent ten years dreaming of an education he could use to help make the world a better place. Then Joseph was among the many “lost boys” resettled to various US cities by the International Rescue Committee and he found himself in San Jose, drawn to the wonders technology could achieve. Last week, Monday morning, we celebrated Joseph realizing the American dream as his own, the culmination of an amazing journey few could have imagined possible. We’re proud of you, Joseph, and looking forward to the better world you’ll be helping build now that you’re on your way. Congratulations and best of luck…


  1. Wow that's a brilliant story; Joseph was in a number of my classes, but I never knew about his story. I thought he was just another student like the rest of us. It's good to see people succeed. Congrads Joseph! Thanks for posting Professor Hill.

    Nirav J Patel

  2. I was in a class with him too, and wasn't aware of his story either! How inspiring this is, Joseph has such drive and now I can't wait to watch the documentary. To think of the journey one person must go through and then to achieve his dreams, this makes me feel that anything is possible if you believe you can make it happen. Congratulations Joseph and best of luck to you!