Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GOOGLE returns to SJSU for more MIS students in October!

After a summer hiatus, I'm reviving the blog for this school year with a big announcement -

Google has just finalized the date for their fall recruiting event for MIS students: October 14, 12-1:30, in BBC 032. All MIS students (only MIS students) are welcome and encouraged to attend, though for now, they are only interviewing/hiring MIS seniors graduating by this coming May. (For younger students, Google is expanding their hiring program and planning to come back again next fall.) Online applications are due no later than October 15th.

Note: Doug Evans of the SJSU Career Center is putting on a prep event October 8, 10:30-12, in Module A (near Aquatic Center) focused on this Google hiring program. This is highly recommended as Doug helped get our 4 MIS students hired by Google last spring and has gathered good intel to use this round.

This is a golden opportunity for our top seniors! Wish I could apply but...

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