Tuesday, April 6, 2010

taking SJSU MIS to the southern hemisphere

i'm guessing you don't know that TOTVS is is Latin America's largest developer of application software and the world's 9th biggest ERP developer. i didn't either...until last summer. now, in five days, they're flying me down to Sao Paulo, Brazil to talk to them about collaborating on a research project!

this semester, two of our faculty, Jeff Gaines and Steve Kwan have been helping TOTVS analyze the market for some of their emerging products and next week we'll be meeting with their execs do a presentation - me on site with Jeff & Steve teleconferencing from SJSU. should be very cool.

can't wait tho it's a longer trip than i expected. hadn't been down there before. it's way, seriously down there - a 10 hour flight from Dallas. (driving is definitely not an option)

anyway, we're excited to be extending our reach into South America and we hope to build on this project toward a long-term relationship with our new colleagues south of the equator. Tchau!

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