Monday, March 8, 2010

this spring's MIS grad convocation is on

yes, we ARE holding the MIS department spring graduation convocation again this year (see the convocation web page for more info) on Saturday, May 29, after the university commencement. we start with a reception at 12noon and ceremony at 1pm. so you can go to both if you like and even the college ceremony too (friday, the 28th).

but ours is focused on MIS only, so shorter, more personalized, etc., very elegant (in the ballroom) and memorable. and this year, we're going back to something we did once years ago - every graduate gets to say a few words (optional) at the mic as they 'walk' across the stage. this really made the event special last time we tried it and as long as everyone holds to about half a minute, we'll still be done in about an hour. if you're eligible, don't miss it.

yes, we have to charge everyone, including the grads themselves for the tickets. why? because we get zero funding to put this on and it's expensive! as it is, the department budget takes a hit but at least the ticket income covers a chunk. we're sharing the pain. thanks for understading.

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