Wednesday, March 24, 2010

survey says: "MIS wins battle of the CoB starting salaries...again"

It's official. The SJSU Career Center's annual survey of starting salaries offered to new graduates last year (2008/9) has just been released and, as usual, MIS rules the CoB again this year!

The MIS average came in at $58,555, down about 3% from last year, presumably due to the recession. But this is still about 9% above the 2nd place finisher AIS (and still about 17% above the national average for MIS).

Coming in 3rd was Finance, followed by Management, International Business, Accounting and the rest.

We don't want to brag but...well, actually we do - we're proud of our graduates.  

"The invisible hand of the free market keeps pointing to MIS as the winning choice for business in Silicon Valley and beyond." - unnamed professor and department chair in the CoB

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