Monday, March 8, 2010

google follow up

ok, so the google event was awesome. they described the new-hire program they were recruiting for: 3 months of "boot-camp" and 24 months of on-the-job training, including something like 2 months at a google site overseas. then lots of avenues for moving into different areas of support within google - a golden opportunity for our students, for sure.

we had a full house of around 45 graduating seniors (& last december grads) which was exactly what they had asked for. everyone was dressed spiffy with polished resumes and had great questions that showed they did their homework on google. (like about the famous 80/20 rule)

the google folks were totally impressed. (remember this was the first time they had ever recruiting at SJSU and they were only interested in MIS students so there was a lot at stake for the whole campus). here's the feedback the google reps gave Doug Evans of the Career Center: 
  • "Awesome Event!  Best Campus we've done.  Great students, well prepared. Thanks for the great set-up and support."
  •  Strongly agreed the candidates' academic preparation was adequate for their standards.
  •  Strongly agreed they saw the type of applicants they were seeking.
  •  Strongly agreed the candidates presented their education, work experience and skill well and targeted their background effectively toward my organization.
so a total victory for MIS and for SJSU! and i've heard from a few students who are in the middle of the interviewing process with them so hopefully we'll score several hires there.

BTW, one of the google people said that they had just had a similar event the night before at one of our prestigious local competitor campuses (unnamed) and only a handful of students showed up - most weren't graduating and weren't even MIS! they said they won't be going back there again, but WILL be coming back to SJSU again, for sure. sweet!

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