Thursday, March 1, 2018

Special Hands-on Event: Big Data, Data Science/Analytics as a Career

Here's a chance to explore Data Analytics/Data Science as a career by hearing from some experts from the University of the Pacific and trying some analytics for yourself, hands-on. And you get free pizza, too!

Data Science is the single hottest field right now and it's something every student should know something about, especially MIS students. Even you have already taken Professor Jensen's Big Data course, you should come hear about the job opportunities and graduate programs available, etc. Check the full event description below.

The event runs 12-2:45pm on Friday, 3/9, in BBC 304.

BUT SEATING IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50 STUDENTS WHO SHOW UP!! Door opens at 11:30am. (Pizza from 11:30-12.)


Building Your Career in the Exciting World of Big Data & Analytics

With the explosive growth of social media and Internet of Things sensor data, the emergence of ‘Big Data’ is top of mind for every company across every industry. The challenge is how to leverage the power of the vast quantities of data at our disposal today, and extract the hidden insights they contain. The answer is: Analytics. 

Today’s companies are realizing the value Big Data adds to their future success and are actively looking for applicants with analytical skills. It is Data Scientists who design and develop sophisticated solutions such as Machine Learning Neural Networks or Customer Analytics to uncover these hidden insights that address complex issues or develop new and innovative opportunities for their organizations. The role of Data Scientist is the number one job in the US again this year, according to Glassdoor, and Professors Jim Hetrick and Rick Hutley from the University of the Paciļ¬c will explain what Big Data and Analytics are all about and how you can build a career in this exciting and highly lucrative field. They will demonstrate some analytic solutions and help you conduct some analytics for yourselves!

Monday, February 5, 2018

(!) free for SJSU students: SugarCRM Girl Geek X Dinner/Panel (all genders welcome)

Great opportunity to network & hear from some of the top women in tech from Angie at Girl Geek X:
FREE tickets for SJSU students to attend the Girl Geek X Dinner in Palo Alto on February 15 -- this is a great learning & networking event! All genders & ages welcome! 
Networking events are wonderful for breaking into tech companies like SugarCRM. Meet the speakers and other attendees - Hundreds of women in tech are gathering for dinner & discussion at the University Club in Palo Alto. Looks like it's going to be an awesome event in Palo Alto, tell your friends! The more the merrier. 
Speaker details & registration is here:   
Use promo code "GO-SPARTANS" for your complimentary tickets as SJSU students.  
This is our biggest event at this time of year, I think your students will really enjoy it. Our other events may have 21+ requirements, or be smaller / more focused, so this big event will be good for first-timers to see how many enthusiastic women in tech there are!

Spring MISA (MIS club) Kickoff this Thursday (2/8) - Highly Recommended!

The Management Information Systems Association (MISA) wants to invite you to its first meeting of the semester, an Info Session/Social (w/food, etc) on February 8th at 6:00PM in BBC room 324.

Come get to know the MISA officers and the benefits of joining our organization this Spring 2018.

Follow them to stay up to date with their events:
Email: | Twitter: @sjsumisa | Instagram: @sjsu_misa

Being engaged with the MISA, the MIS student club, is on my Top 3 list of Keys to MIS Success. NOT because "you can put it on your resume." (Though that's true, it will count for little with any employer unless you can give a credible, convincing account of some meaningful things you did there–not just "joined.")

No, I recommend MISA because it's how you learn about what it's really like to be an MIS professional FROM MIS professionals–the club brings them in and you get face time with them to ask "What do you like/hate about your job?" or "What do you actually do all day?" or "How did you get your job?". Often, you're hearing from someone who actually graduated, just a few years back, from the same program (same classes, same professors, etc) so you can totally relate.

There's also a social component to the club so you can make friends & have fun, but those friends will soon be your professional contacts at Cisco, Google, eBay or wherever and THOSE are the best way to get a good job, by far.

MISA is "professional development" that you don't get in the classroom. Classroom is curricular - clubs are EXTRA-curricular. The two together are what will launch you on a successful and meaningful career. Get to that meeting on Thursday!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

our MIS alums at NASA looking to hire interns from SJSU!

Two of our MIS graduates from 2010, Adam Nudelman and Eric Eisenbarth, got great jobs at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, where they continue to pay it forward by trying to hire SJSU students whenever they can. They always email me to let me know when they're hiring so I can spread the word here. And now is one of those times - with 4 internships open to fill!

Over the years, quite a number of our students have gotten these and many have gone on to permanent jobs there. In fact, they tell me that 60% of the staff there are MIS/SJSU grads. Amazing!

And what better way to use your skills & knowledge than helping our best & brightest scientists do the important work of saving our planet & exploring our universe? It's a noble pursuit and I always encourage our students to apply, especially with the advantage of having these guys trying to help the next generations of SJSU MIS students get their start. Kudos to them.

Check out the info they sent below and email Adam directly at if you feel like you're qualified and interested. This is an astronomical opportunity, literally! (Note that you do have to be a US Citizen. That's a strict rule imposed by the agency.)

Here are the details:

4 x NASA Advanced Supercomputing Intern:
This position would include working to support the NASA Supercomputer on every level (Facilities, hardware, software, user support, scripting, etc.).

Hours: (Undetermined but Flexible)
  3 X 3rd shift: 10:00 PM to 06:30 AM
  1 X 2nd shift: 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM

40 hours a week including weekends (24/7/365 facility).

- US-Citizen
- Interested in working with computers and with NASA.
- Student (Preferably in their last or second to last semester)

Preferred Skills:
- Some experience with Unix/Linux.
- Some experience using command line.
- Previous experience in customer service
- Previous experience working with a group.

Starting Pay: $20 per hour

Friday, October 13, 2017

this tech sales internship could be great for the right MIS student

I learned way back I was no good at sales. Lugging a heavy back of fruitcakes around the neighborhood for our 2nd-grade fundraiser. My heart wasn't in it, partly because I hated fruitcake. But we had to eat what we didn't sell which was almost all of them in my case. Can't stand to look at one to this day.

HOWEVER, if you're the right personality type for sales and you're an MIS student, you're in the sweet spot for being highly successful–you know the technology and you know business, so you can talk to leads (potential customers) and make the case for buying. Perfect.

If that's you, here's a great internship opportunity at SumoLogic. It's an impressive company in the data analytics marketspace. They sell technology to do analytics on machine data for cybersecurity, etc and they have a lot of big-name customer companies. And Salesforce is among the technologies you would be using so if you have done the Salesforce labs already, then you have a headstart on getting some traction with them for this position:

Here's the company website:

Check it out. Better than selling fruitcakes, for sure.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

great SJSU event (National CyberSec Awareness Month)

This is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month. Were you "aware" of that? You should be, especially if you're an MIS student. Come on!

So, SJSU plans various events for this and there's a good one coming up next week you should go to. Sasha Hellberg knows this stuff inside & out. She's the Manager of Threat Research at Trend Micro, for Pete's sake. And she's a great speaker.

She's coming to SJSU to talk about attacks, best practices, and opportunities for careers, both technical AND NON-TECHNICAL (Yes, those exist. Totally.)

Oh, and it's free AND there will be "light refreshments." So, no excuses.

Put in on your calendar: Thursday, 10/12, 11:30-12:30pm in ENG 285/7.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

hot opportunity for MIS seniors tomorrow with Accenture

I've just been informed by the SJSU Career Center that there are still some available slots on the wait-list for the Accenture's Info Session tomorrow.  (Accenture is a $32B company - a terrific career opportunity for MIS students.)

They have a role for Technology Analyst which is a consultant role PERFECT for MIS students who love working with people and problem-solving.

The position is open to MIS students but you must be a senior and have unrestricted working rights in the US.

Register here:

Check it out!