Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dreamforce/LCoB event cancelled but still go if you registered

People, the uptake for the Dreamforce event was low, partly because it's a class day and partly because it's a big of a hike up there. So we had to cancel it. If you already registered for Dreamforce, you can still go but there just won't be a bus or the survival kits & Instagram Group Story like we had planned before. You'll be on your own is all. It still may be worth going.

But note: for the first time, the Expo+ pass does not get you into the keynote events so it's pretty much just the trade show floor with all the vendors, etc. and the common area they set up outside. There are some fun things to see there and some band stages, etc. And the vendor area is vast & impressive with lots of SWAG and things to see and learn. But it's definitely not as accessible to you with the free pass like it used to be so not as worth the trip and skipping classes. Sorry I didn't notice this earlier - this is the first year that they have restricted it this way! :(

But I'll be going and am happy to answer questions if you have any. Just email me or drop by my office before you go. (I'll be at DF on T, W & Th.)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dreamforce Event Update: Bus now available (If you already registered!)

The Free Expo+ passes to Dreamforce are now sold out, but IF YOU GOT ONE ALREADY then check this out - Salesforce is sponsoring a charter bus again this year so you can ride up and back to Dreamforce for free. But only if you register at this EventBrite link below no later than 5pm this Friday (9/21):

The bus will leave promptly from the parking lot next to BT at 7am that day (Thursday - 9/27).

That will give you from about 8:30-4:15 to explore Dreamforce.

Then the bus will leave again at 4:30 sharp from Moscone and bring you back to the BT parking lot by around 6pm.

Of course, you can still find your own way up & back on Caltrain/BART, etc but this bus is a nice option that is free & easy. Thanks, Salesforce!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Great MIS internship opportunities with SJSU Campus IT - NOW!

Here's a fantastic opportunity to get a real MIS internship without ever having to leave the campus. This university has a ton of technology needs of it's own and we have a big terrific IT team of professionals that do that work for us. For the last few years, they have been reaching out to MIS, CS and Engineering students to hire them as interns. It helps them get work done and it helps the students get real-world job experience (and $).

As always, I encourage all MIS students to apply, even if you don't have experience and haven't even had many or any MIS courses yet. Maybe you don't have what they need yet but you let them decide that. Don't you decide it yourself and not apply - then there's a 100% chance you won't get it. Sometimes they do have to have certain skills/knowledge but other times they just need someone bight and motivated and they will teach you want you need to know to do the job. Take the chance! It's worth it.

So here are four job positions they are posting now, some of which have multiple openings:
  1. Business Intelligence Interns
  2. Java Programming Interns
  3. Virtual Reality Interns
  4. Imaging/OCR Interns
Check them out and follow their instructions to apply. And/or go to the SJSU Job Fair on 9/7, 11-2pm in the Student Union Ballroom B, find their table and talk to them. They're super nice and they need help!

They emphasize that their positions are management interns which are higher ranking than regular on-campus student assistant jobs and are fully equivalent to any off-campus internships. These IT interns are treated just like any SJSU campus temp employees! Go for it now!

ideation event invite + lead-up to SJSU Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge

Did you know there was an Idea Lab on campus? Let me guess–you had no idea, right?! Well it's true. It's a place (first floor, Student Union East) where you can get together with other students (and some faculty) who are into innovating new ideas and business opps. You can just drop in any time and start brainstorming with whoever's there. Seriously.

And/or you can go to the Ideation Workshop coming up this Thursday, 9/6, 4:30-5:45. (Note you can go to this and then straight up to the MISA meeting afterwards - see previous post.) The workshop is designed to help students brainstorm promising business ideas, and prepare them to enter the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) in Fall 2018. Dave Hadden, seasoned entrepreneur, SJSU mentor, and SVIC judge, will work with students to explore techniques for generating innovative ideas, and discuss initial steps for validating those ideas in this interactive, 75-minute session:

But you must visit to register for the event. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis as space is limited.

Either way, note that the deadline to enter the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is Thursday, November 08, 2018. Students are welcome to reach out to SVIC student advisors in the Idea Lab (SJSU Student Union) during office hours (1-3:00 pm, Monday and Wednesday).

You live in the world capital of innovation. This is where people dream big and make things happen. That can be you, too. Get out there and make it happen. Get to the workshop this Thursday. Go for it.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

MIS Club (MISA) food/fun kickoff this Thusday, 9/6 + Cisco on 9/13

This one is a no-brainer. I recommend the MIS Club to everyone - even if you haven't taken any MIS classes yet or you're not even an MIS student at all!

Behold Professor Hill's Commutative Law:
  • MIS = Business + Technology
  • Business + Technology = Silicon Valley
  • MIS = Silicon Valley
If you're going to live here you ought to know something about Business + Technology and MISA is a fun and useful way to do it. You get to meet other students who are taking the classes you will need - get their tips/recommendations. You get to meet speakers who are doing MIS every day in the local community. You get to meet friends who will be your contacts at Google, Cisco, Facebook, Apple, etc in a year or two. Plus you get free food & fun.  We have a great group of officers this year and they will be there to make sure you are welcomed & have a great time well spent.

The MISA kickoff meeting us September 6th, from 6-8pm in the Student Union Meeting Room 4A. There will be free food, a social, and resume tips. Come meet, eat & learn something useful.

The following week on September 13th, Cisco will be holding a recruitment session from 6:45-
8:30pm in Student Union Meeting oom 2A. Cisco is a major employer of SJSU MIS graduates! This meeting will require a paid membership but you can join when you get there if you didn't make it to the first meeting.

Other great meetings will be coming up! For more information please check the MISA website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn @sjsumisa.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Urgent Opp! - Salesforce/Lucas College of Business Dreamforce Day Event! (9/27 in SF)

Everyone around here knows (or should know) that
  1. Salesforce is literally a huge "force" in the tech industry, 
  2. they are HQ'd in SF where they've just put up the tallest building on the West Coast of North America, and 
  3. the Lucas College of Business has a special relationship with them. (Last year, they sponsored 100 LCoB students to visit Dreamforce, their annual party/conference for their users.)
This year we're going back to Dreamforce but we're kicking it up a notch. Read on.

Dreamforce is a ridiculously big deal. Salesforce takes over the city of San Francisco–all the available meeting space in Moscone, the Hyatt, the Hilton, the Marriott, the Westfield theaters, everything, everywhere to bring in 170,000 users for a week of conferencing by day, parties, raves and concerts by night. They pay the city to shut down a block of Howard street and lay in astroturf, palm trees, bandstages, bean bag chairs...the works. It's insane.

It's also a great place for students to see what is going on in the business world with the latest technologies and biggest players. You can get a free pass that lets you attend keynote addresses by big-name execs and wander the expo with hundreds of companies showing off their technology products, etc.

And this year, you can experience it with your SJSU friends and classmates because we're hosting an LCoB Group Story on SnapChat that day with prizes for best posts, eg. selfies with Salesforce execs, wandering characters, etc. And for the first 50 students that stop by to sign up for the Group Story, we're also providing a free Dreamforce Survival Kit (water, snacks, coffee card, hand-sani, etc) to help you power thru the day and get the most of the time you're there!

Follow these instructions EXACTLY to participate:
  1. Go get your free Dreamforce Expo pass at the link below. They will sell out any day now so it it ASAP!
  1. Bring your Dreamforce Expo pass confirmation to the SISTech office (BT 250), STARTING ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, during business hours (9am-5pm, closed 12-1pm for lunch) to sign up for the Snapchat Group Story. (FIRST 50 ONLY get the Dreamforce Survival Kit!)
  2. Get yourself + ID for picking up badge + your survival kit up to San Francisco on Thursday, Sept 27, and experience Dreamforce. NO PARKING-NO DRIVING. TAKE TRANSIT. (see below)
  3. Optional: 10-min orientation with me (Professor Hill) starts at 8:30am sharp in front of St Patrick's Church (756 Mission St).
  4. Snap & post all the crazy & interesting stuff you learn/see to our Group Story. (Prizes announced on Friday, the 28th.)
Note: The free Dreamforce registrations will sell out very soon so get registered NOW!

Getting there: You really want to take BART and get off at the Montgomery or Powell Stations. It's a short walk to St Patrick's/Moscone from either. To get to BART, either take the 181 Express Bus from Diridon Station to Fremont BART, or take Caltrain to the Millbrae station and change to BART. Google it!

Yes you have to get up early in the morning but that's what you do to get a world-class, professional development experience. It's worth it! 

See you there.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Special Hands-on Event: Big Data, Data Science/Analytics as a Career

Here's a chance to explore Data Analytics/Data Science as a career by hearing from some experts from the University of the Pacific and trying some analytics for yourself, hands-on. And you get free pizza, too!

Data Science is the single hottest field right now and it's something every student should know something about, especially MIS students. Even you have already taken Professor Jensen's Big Data course, you should come hear about the job opportunities and graduate programs available, etc. Check the full event description below.

The event runs 12-2:45pm on Friday, 3/9, in BBC 304.

BUT SEATING IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50 STUDENTS WHO SHOW UP!! Door opens at 11:30am. (Pizza from 11:30-12.)


Building Your Career in the Exciting World of Big Data & Analytics

With the explosive growth of social media and Internet of Things sensor data, the emergence of ‘Big Data’ is top of mind for every company across every industry. The challenge is how to leverage the power of the vast quantities of data at our disposal today, and extract the hidden insights they contain. The answer is: Analytics. 

Today’s companies are realizing the value Big Data adds to their future success and are actively looking for applicants with analytical skills. It is Data Scientists who design and develop sophisticated solutions such as Machine Learning Neural Networks or Customer Analytics to uncover these hidden insights that address complex issues or develop new and innovative opportunities for their organizations. The role of Data Scientist is the number one job in the US again this year, according to Glassdoor, and Professors Jim Hetrick and Rick Hutley from the University of the Paciļ¬c will explain what Big Data and Analytics are all about and how you can build a career in this exciting and highly lucrative field. They will demonstrate some analytic solutions and help you conduct some analytics for yourselves!