Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fascinating SilVal newsfeed & more Uber disruption in Dublin!

It's been awhile since I've recommended this awesome innovation blog called The Week in Geek by a friend of our department, John Gallaugher, a professor at Boston College. It's time to say it again because it's really interesting, concise and packed with insights & news we should all keep up to speed on. Go & subscribe as soon as you get a chance.

In the latest post, there's a really amazing infographic about the ride-sharing industry, a great example of the disruptive power of technology. It shows taxis going from about 75% of the ride-hailing market down to 25% in the last 2 years with Uber doing just about the opposite-rising from 25% to 75%. I was surprised to see car rental also taking a dive. That makes total sense but I just never thought of it.

I've been using Lyft & Uber since January and would never go back to taxis if I didn't have to. (Some areas aren't allowing ride-sharing yet. Emphasis on "yet".)

Aside - When I was at a the big conference of MIS professors (AMCIS) in San Diego the week before last, my Uber driver recommended the Crack Shack for dinner which turned out to be another great benefit I got from Uber-ing. They had the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life (and I'm 56 years old). It was twice as good as my previous best ever! Try if it you're down there.

Back to ride-sharing. I was chatting with Professor Aggarwal about it and he mentioned an article about how the City of Dublin is experimenting with getting rid of bus lines that had low ridership (costing the city $15/rider) and replacing them with Uber/Lyft subsidies so you can ride within Dublin for a max of $3-5 (east side or west). Crazy! Another disruption, like the car rental hit, that I didn't see coming. (If I was good at seeing this stuff in advance, I'd be making the big $). <sigh>

Cool stuff. Check it out.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

great opp mostly for any MIS grads un- or under-employed

Some of you know about the Salesforce-based Innovation Labs we've been running here in MIS@SJSU. (I'll be presenting them at the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Finland next month!) Anyway, I just saw this posting go by in the Salesforce Chatter feed for the San Francisco User Group I'm in and I wanted to post it here for anyone really, but mostly for any of our grads who might be un- or under-employed at this point.

As you probably know, Salesforce is a rising star and they're creating tons of jobs all over, especially in the Bay Area, to work them but also at the huge and growing number of their customers who desperately need Administrators and Developers to help them configure and run everything. So the "feds" have realized this is a great way to get people good jobs and they're granting money to training firms to provide free training programs. This is one of those.

So if you graduated last May and are still looking or just working at a non-MIS job to get by while looking for something better then you might qualify for this and should look into it. (If you're still taking classes, then I don't think you would qualify and this would cut into your time anyway because the training itself is a full-time job for a couple of months (Nov thru Jan) anyway. But for you there is a ton of free Salesforce training available online through their Trailhead system which is fun and helps you gear up for certification, if that's your goal.

Anyway, here's the posting below. It includes the link to the program & app, etc. at the bottom. If this applies to you, check it out and maybe give it a try. (And let me know, ok? Thanks)


Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm a relative Salesforce newbie working at JVS, which runs trainings in healthcare, banking, and technology, as well as offering public workshops in job search skills. I recently took over running a Salesforce Administrator Training Program for long term unemployed and underemployed job seekers in the SF Bay Area. 

If you know anyone who wants to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator, help spread the word! 

Applications are now open for our free, intensive 2-month Salesforce Administrator training program, beginning this November. This brand new program is designed for people with some Administrator experience or extensive self-study. Applications are also open for JVS’s standard 4-month Salesforce Administrator and business analysis training program starting in January 2017. Both programs are designed for people who have been out of work or underemployed for at least 6 months (though all job seekers are encouraged to apply). - http://bit.ly/jvstraining4

  • 90% Administrator exam pass rate
  • Individualized career coaching
  • Business Analyst training
  • November 7 to January 13 (2-month program)
  • January 30, 2017 to May 19, 2017 (4-month program)
  • Located in San Francisco
  • Application for November program closes September 14 - http://bit.ly/jvstraining4

Friday, August 5, 2016

And here's an internship at SAP

This one's for an "Intern, Project Coordination - E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services Job" and here's the list of expectations and tasks:

  • Support the E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services team within Quality Governance & Validation unit
  • Support the service coordinator for pen-testing requests
  • Manage the pen test service pull from SAP's development organization and coordinate with external pen-testing vendors.
  • Coordinate with multiple external, SAP approved, pen-testing vendors.

And here's the link to apply:


 Don't be bashful. They want project management experience. Well, if you took 119a then you have that. (Hopefully you did well in the course.) They prefer some SAP and PCI familiarity but that's just preferred and you can at least Google some good info on both before you talk to them if you need to.

Interested in Supply Chain? Great Oracle opportunity

Oracle's College Recruiter for SJSU has just made us aware of a great opportunity for an MIS student interested in Supply Chain. They say they're looking for someone who just graduated but they will wait for December grad if they're good. The preferred qualifications list Systems Analysis and Business Analytics, so if you did well in 110b and Jensen's 118S on Data Analytics, you would be in good shape. (Hopefully you also did well in Bus 90 and 190.)

Here's the position description:

The Program Manager will be involved with supply chain projects, working closely with the BPAT Group, business users, Worldwide Operations management and various IT groups, including Product Development.  These projects can be complex large-scale business acquisitions and process/software development projects that span over several months, delivering financial benefits and process efficiencies across the organization.  The Program Manager eventually will lead these supply chain projects end-to-end with cross-functional teams, reporting results directly to senior Worldwide Operations Management.  The candidate will also support and improve sustaining business programs within the group, such as process audits and supplier specifications.

It's been posted on SpartaJobs, so if you're interested, look it up there and apply today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nice VBA Programming Job for Nice Prof on Campus Open Now!

This is an opportunity to work with an engineering professor as a VBA programmer. His name is Dr. Freund and he's quite a nice guy. If you took 92 with us before last spring, and especially if you've taken 110a too, then you'd be a good candidate. The job is on campus and he needs someone ASAP so it's a great opp if you're available and around.

He says if you're interested to contact him directly with a resume at louis.freund@sjsu.edu. Good luck!

Friday, July 15, 2016

IS Job Market Strong Now & Into the Future

There's a rosy picture of the IS Job Market in this freshly released report published by the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Definitely worth downloading & checking out. If you do, you'll see that it's based on a survey of students at the Top 30 IS programs in the US and you'll also see that the MIS program at SJSU is one of them. In fact, we're the only one from California in that group!

This is a really beautifully prepared and designed report with great analysis and insights. Thanks to the folks at Fox for putting it together. And thanks to all our graduates of 2015 who contributed their info to the survey.

Important note: Remember, the salary figures are national averages so don't be disappointed by what you see there. Here in the Bay Area, we are plagued with an astronomical cost of living, but our salaries (and by "our" I mean those of our graduates, NOT us faculty) are quite a bit higher than the national averages. It may not make up for the higher costs, but it sure helps. I don't have statistical data but based on what I hear, I would guess our top MIS grads are getting starting salaries in the $70k's and up. I know of one who earned passed his Salesforce Developer certification and landed a 6-figure job prior to graduation this last spring!

Take a look for yourself and see what's happening with your future profession.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Apply for CIO Scholarship by Aug 10!

It's hot. Stay inside in the A/C and write your application for the CIO Scholarship, due August 10. It's sponsored by the CIO Scholarship Fund, a local benevolent group of CIOs that strive to support the next generation of leaders in the fields of information systems and technology.

Kevin Soohoo, a former grad from the MIS program at SJSU, now a CIO and giving back by teaching for us part-time, is our liaison to this group of good-hearted execs that has been sponsoring our MIS student awards now for the past several years, too. These folks are dedicated to the field and to the community and we're benefitting immensely from their generosity of time and dollars as well.

Last year we were able to give large checks to two students who both turned out to be in Computer Science. Hopefully, we'll get at least one of the two slots for an MIS student this year. Come on, MIS students, you're supposed to be superior communicators, destined to become great leaders. Show us your stuff this time.

Here's the announcement. Get it on your calendar and spend some time & thought on your essay if you want to be selected. Good luck!

The Management Information Systems department as San Jose State University is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity sponsored by the CIO Scholarship Foundation. The foundation represents a local non profit organization of IS executives that strives to enhance future leadership in the information systems and technology fields by supporting students studying in related fields throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

This year we will award two scholarships to deserving San Jose State students majoring in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and/or Software Engineering. In addition to being declared as one of these majors, eligible candidates must be in "Good Standing," academically, with a 2.5 GPA or better. Also, candidates must be available to attend the CIO Scholarship Fundraiser event in Livermore on the evening of September 30th, as a guest of honor.

Applications are due no later than 12:00pm on August 10, 2016.

To apply, log into Academic Works Scholarship website and make sure to respond to the required essay question (500 words max) to make a succinct and compelling case for how this award would help you contribute to the scholarship's goal of developing the next generation of information technology leaders in the Bay Area. Along with the essay response, also attach an up to date resume to your application. Final step is to make sure to officially submit your application and not leave in under "draft" status because it will not be reviewed if not submitted.