Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Big Data is HOT-HOT, so's this opp but sign up ASAP-ASAP!

This just in -

Apparently, as students, you can get in free to the "Dawn of Big Data Applications" conference being held this Sunday, the 18th at the Northeastern University San Jose Campus. I just took a quick look and it seems they have pretty major speakers. Definitely worth the price of admission. At least!

Here's the website http://empower.solix.com/

And here's the promo code for free registration: SE16SJSUCA

I would go but I'm at a different conference in Finland this week and it's 1am here so I'm signing off. Over and out.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SJSU's MIS Dept morphs into "School of IS and Technology" (SISTech)

You (hopefully) remember the old Shakespeare line that starts "A rose by any other name..." 

Well, the 2nd floor of the BT didn't smell particularly sweet before or now, but the same concept applies. We're still the same old MIS Department everyone has always known (and loved?) but we do have a new name - "School of Information Systems and Technology" or SISTech for short. (Seemed like the best acronym, given the obvious problems with the more obvious one.)

All MIS students, past, present and future, PLEASE NOTE: 

Don't panic! This will not affect you or your degree program in any way whatsoever. Your concentration remains MIS. Nothing about the program name has changed. Only the name of the office and the group of people who provide the MIS concentration program has changed.

Other departments/schools in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business provide multiple concentrations. Obviously their dept/school names don't (can't) match those of all the concentrations they house. Never did. 

It's just for us, our department name always matched the name of the single concentration we housed...until now. The new name will allow us to branch out and broaden our offerings in the future to add new programs, eg certificates, or possibly new concentrations, etc related to information systems and technology.

So, all good for now. Back to be changing signage, letterhead, etc.

Remember, the dept name (only) is "SISTech" now, not...the other acronym. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Great MIS internships on campus. Now! (job fair tomorrow!)

Yes, of course. SJSU has a ton of MIS professionals of it's own. There's a ton of technology needed not just for teaching but all kinds of administrative function from course registration to reporting vacation time for employees. And there has to be people to build, configure, maintain and manage all that. Here, that department is called Information Technology Services (ITS) there's a lot of people there.

Well one of them is also an instructor in the MIS program (Ms. Nehoran) and she's created a new internship program called Altamont by which she'll be hiring a bunch of internship positions to be filled by students. And given the nature of the work, who better than MIS students to fill them?

This would be great experience and an awesome line-item on your resume, plus insanely convenient, being right here on campus.

She will be talking to perspective candidates at the Job Fair for On-Campus Jobs tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow, the 30th, 10:30-1:30pm, on the North 7th Street Plaza in front of the new Student Union West Wing. If you can't make it there, then look up the jobs below in the SpartaJobs system run by the SJSU Career Center and apply that way. If all else fails, email her your cover letter, resume, transcript, etc to dana.nehoran@sjsu.edu using the following format (get this right or it's a red flag):

Use subject "Altamont Application - <job name>"

where job name is one of those below like "Data Quality Intern".

See the list and mini-descriptions below and get moving ASAP. And don't make the mistake of thinking you have to be a senior with lots of MIS classes already. This is an internship. They don't expect people to know everything yet! Apply anyway and let them decide if you're qualified. Don't turn yourself down by not even applying.

Good luck!


#440831 Data Quality Intern 

Data Quality interns will be tasked with creating and maintaining tools that ensure and improve the quality of the data at SJSU.Students will be performing tasks related to data mining, analysis and reporting and will solve complex challenges to optimize the utilization of data.


#440925 QA Intern, Peoplesoft Project

QA interns will implement PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) capabilities to automate various tasks within the PeopleSoft Enterprise application. Automating functional testing allows you to execute more tests with greater accuracy during a shorter time window. Students will work with data management, analysis and visualization presenting data concepts in a clear and concise manner. 


Data Science Intern, Web Search Project

The Data Science intern will be tasked with improving the user experience on SJSU Search.
Students will perform tasks related to data mining, analysis,  reporting,  and will solve complex challenges related to user experience and SEO.


#441654 Project Management Intern, Altamont Center

The Altamont Academic Development Center is home of a multitude of technical projects delivered by interns in the areas of software development, QA, data science and business intelligence reporting. 
The Project Management intern will be responsible for managing the portfolio of projects in the Altamont Academic Development Center. They create and maintain schedules, facilitate meetings, deliver meeting minutes, monitor progress and risk, and produce status reports. The PM intern will monitor Enterprise Service activities, keep schedule up to date and report progress against plans.


#441640 Project Management Intern, Enterprise Systems Team

Project Management intern will be responsible for managing the portfolio of projects in the Enterprise Service Team. They create and maintain schedules, facilitate meetings, deliver meeting minutes, monitor progress and risk, and produce status reports. PM interns will monitor Enterprise Service activities, keep schedule up to date and report progress against plans.

#441658 BI Intern, SDW Project

Business Intelligence interns will design and develop reporting solutions, Deliver custom reports and dashboards. 


#441660 Technical Writer Intern, PeopleSoft Projects

The Technical Writer intern will create the technical documentation for engineering, service and business groups. The student will be responsible for developing technical specification documents, manuals, quick guides, white papers, and other technical communication pieces such as policies, procedures, and standards.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Immediate cool part-time (very) job in the MIS dept w/Salesforce

I'm looking for 1-2 MIS students who are interested in joining the elite S-Team of lab assistants who support the Salesforce-based labs we run in 188 and 119b. These are paid position(s) that only require around 20-30 hours total for the entire semester, showing up to class sessions in the labs to help students who get stuck. It's great experience, learning a bunch of Salesforce Developer skills and then practicing helping users.

But you have to email me your resume ASAP (subject = "S-Team App") and meet me for an interview tomorrow, Monday, the 29th, Tuesday, the 30th or Thursday, the 1st. I'll be hiring the first good candidate(s) who is/are eager to do a good job and are:
  • smart, and
  • super-reliable
and have:
  • great customer service/communication skills, and
  • solid trouble-shooting skills on Macs and Windows machines, and
who and are available a handful of days during the semester at some of all of these times:
  • MW - 1:30-2:45
  • M - 6:00-8:45
  • TR - 10:30-11:45
  • T - 3:00-5:45
Don't wait!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fascinating SilVal newsfeed & more Uber disruption in Dublin!

It's been awhile since I've recommended this awesome innovation blog called The Week in Geek by a friend of our department, John Gallaugher, a professor at Boston College. It's time to say it again because it's really interesting, concise and packed with insights & news we should all keep up to speed on. Go & subscribe as soon as you get a chance.

In the latest post, there's a really amazing infographic about the ride-sharing industry, a great example of the disruptive power of technology. It shows taxis going from about 75% of the ride-hailing market down to 25% in the last 2 years with Uber doing just about the opposite-rising from 25% to 75%. I was surprised to see car rental also taking a dive. That makes total sense but I just never thought of it.

I've been using Lyft & Uber since January and would never go back to taxis if I didn't have to. (Some areas aren't allowing ride-sharing yet. Emphasis on "yet".)

Aside - When I was at a the big conference of MIS professors (AMCIS) in San Diego the week before last, my Uber driver recommended the Crack Shack for dinner which turned out to be another great benefit I got from Uber-ing. They had the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life (and I'm 56 years old). It was twice as good as my previous best ever! Try if it you're down there.

Back to ride-sharing. I was chatting with Professor Aggarwal about it and he mentioned an article about how the City of Dublin is experimenting with getting rid of bus lines that had low ridership (costing the city $15/rider) and replacing them with Uber/Lyft subsidies so you can ride within Dublin for a max of $3-5 (east side or west). Crazy! Another disruption, like the car rental hit, that I didn't see coming. (If I was good at seeing this stuff in advance, I'd be making the big $). <sigh>

Cool stuff. Check it out.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

great opp mostly for any MIS grads un- or under-employed

Some of you know about the Salesforce-based Innovation Labs we've been running here in MIS@SJSU. (I'll be presenting them at the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Finland next month!) Anyway, I just saw this posting go by in the Salesforce Chatter feed for the San Francisco User Group I'm in and I wanted to post it here for anyone really, but mostly for any of our grads who might be un- or under-employed at this point.

As you probably know, Salesforce is a rising star and they're creating tons of jobs all over, especially in the Bay Area, to work them but also at the huge and growing number of their customers who desperately need Administrators and Developers to help them configure and run everything. So the "feds" have realized this is a great way to get people good jobs and they're granting money to training firms to provide free training programs. This is one of those.

So if you graduated last May and are still looking or just working at a non-MIS job to get by while looking for something better then you might qualify for this and should look into it. (If you're still taking classes, then I don't think you would qualify and this would cut into your time anyway because the training itself is a full-time job for a couple of months (Nov thru Jan) anyway. But for you there is a ton of free Salesforce training available online through their Trailhead system which is fun and helps you gear up for certification, if that's your goal.

Anyway, here's the posting below. It includes the link to the program & app, etc. at the bottom. If this applies to you, check it out and maybe give it a try. (And let me know, ok? Thanks)


Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm a relative Salesforce newbie working at JVS, which runs trainings in healthcare, banking, and technology, as well as offering public workshops in job search skills. I recently took over running a Salesforce Administrator Training Program for long term unemployed and underemployed job seekers in the SF Bay Area. 

If you know anyone who wants to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator, help spread the word! 

Applications are now open for our free, intensive 2-month Salesforce Administrator training program, beginning this November. This brand new program is designed for people with some Administrator experience or extensive self-study. Applications are also open for JVS’s standard 4-month Salesforce Administrator and business analysis training program starting in January 2017. Both programs are designed for people who have been out of work or underemployed for at least 6 months (though all job seekers are encouraged to apply). - http://bit.ly/jvstraining4

  • 90% Administrator exam pass rate
  • Individualized career coaching
  • Business Analyst training
  • November 7 to January 13 (2-month program)
  • January 30, 2017 to May 19, 2017 (4-month program)
  • Located in San Francisco
  • Application for November program closes September 14 - http://bit.ly/jvstraining4

Friday, August 5, 2016

And here's an internship at SAP

This one's for an "Intern, Project Coordination - E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services Job" and here's the list of expectations and tasks:

  • Support the E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services team within Quality Governance & Validation unit
  • Support the service coordinator for pen-testing requests
  • Manage the pen test service pull from SAP's development organization and coordinate with external pen-testing vendors.
  • Coordinate with multiple external, SAP approved, pen-testing vendors.

And here's the link to apply:


 Don't be bashful. They want project management experience. Well, if you took 119a then you have that. (Hopefully you did well in the course.) They prefer some SAP and PCI familiarity but that's just preferred and you can at least Google some good info on both before you talk to them if you need to.