Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Beloved MIS Star Student is Tragically Lost

As many of you know by now, Melanie Tang, an MIS Honors student due to graduate this May, was tragically lost in an automobile accident on April 25 at age 24. Melanie was a star student, beloved by her family and classmates. Some of our faculty described her as just an outstanding student and lovely person, always smiling, cooperative, and ready to help her classmates, a delight to have in class and extraordinary in every way.

This is a tragic loss to us all, especially her family and loved ones and we know she will be remembered fondly forever.

Melanie will be graduated with honors and her diploma will be presented to her family. They have also requested donations to be directed to the Sacred Heart Community Service. (There's a Donate button on their homepage.)

May Melanie rest in peace.

NASA opportunity from MIS@SJSU Alums

One of the great things about MIS graduates that I've seen over the years is how they make the effort to give back to the program in various ways. In many cases, like this one, it's reaching out to try to get great job and internship opportunities to the MIS students from SJSU. And this one is particularly choice, because it's a chance to contribute to a truly noble mission, exploring the universe, while getting great job experience at the same time.

We've had quite a few of our MIS graduates go to NASA in internships and many of them have stayed on in permanent positions. Even if they haven't, they've learned a lot and gone on to excel at other positions as a result. So please do take this opportunity seriously, but note you have to be a US citizen. (That's true of the entire NASA organization.)

So here are the details. MIS grads, Eric Eisenbarth and Adam Nudelman, from the class of 2010, got in touch to let me know about 2 paid internships, as Control Room Analysts, at the Super Computing Facility at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field. These positions have the potential to lead to full-time positions!

Check out the details on requirements, skills and hours, etc. below and if you think you've got "The Right Stuff", then send Adam your resume directly at And be sure to let him know you saw it posted here!

And someday, when you're an MIS alum and you're looking to hire, be sure to do the same favor for the next generation like Adam and Eric. Thanks, guys!

Position Details:

2 x NASA Advanced Supercomputing Intern:
This position would include working to support the NAS Supercomputer on
every level (Facilities, hardware, software, user support, scripting, etc.).

- US-Citizen
- Student (Preferably in their last or second to last semester)

Preferred Skills:
- Some experience with Unix/Linux.
- Some experience using command line.
- Previous experience in customer service
- Previous experience working with a group.

Hours: (Undetermined but Flexible)
   2nd shift: 02:00 PM to 10:30 PM
   3rd shift: 10:00 PM to 06:30 AM

40 hours a week including weekends (24/7/365 facility).

Pay: $18 per hour

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Great MIS job opportunity (possible internship) from SJSU Alum

Did you know that SJSU is by far the largest supplier of the Silicon Valley workforce? It's true. There are more famous universities around here but we are by far the volume leader. (Hence the SJSU slogan "powering Silicon Valley"). And SJSU grads have a great rep–they're seen as being hard-working and unpretentious (unlike those from certain other places that will remain unnamed).

Anyway, one of the great things about having so many SJSU grads out there is they tend to try to hire from SJSU. That gives you an edge over the "average Joe" applying from somewhere else. Keep that in mind and look for SJSU grads when you're at the Career Fair, or going on LinkedIn, etc.

So, on Monday, one of our highly successful MIS grads from a few years back stopped by my office to catch up and also to let me know about a position he is hiring for right now guess it, we're at the top of his list to recruit from.

His company, Apptivo, sounds like a great place to work and the position seems ideal for MIS students. If you look at the job summary below, you'll see why but basically it involves helping show off their technology, which includes CRM, project management, etc. to potential customers and provide support. I like it because it takes advantage of the blend of business and technology that is MIS. Also, because this graduate, Damian Dias, is a great guy, highly successful and would be good to work for.

Check out the info he sent me below and get in touch if you're interested and you think you're someone who could do a good job and impress Damian as a graduate of the program! He said if you're interested to email him at and to please copy

Good luck!


Apptivo ( is seeking a motivated individual who is looking to work in a fast-paced startup environment with lots of freedom. This is a job for someone who loves to think on the fly, and takes pride in constantly improving themselves and their team.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about giving customers a great overall experience through clear communication and deep product knowledge. Our product is a suite of integrated business management tools, including CRM, project management, invoicing, and other applications. In short, we help small businesses stay organized and operate more efficiently. We have a team of over 150 employees worldwide, and you will be joining a small group based out of the Fremont headquarters.

Apptivo is known for having great support for our apps, and we are the only business software company to offer real-time support chat to our customers. You will be constantly interacting with Apptivo users via support chat, phone calls, and emails. This will involve everything from basic questions about how much the product costs, to what security measures we take to protect user data, and down to solving a problem a customer runs into when using the software. Users will count on you to leverage your product knowledge, and suggest the right ways to address their business needs.

Our US based team is set to grow significantly over the next years, and there will be many opportunities for those with the right initiative. This is a fast-paced unstructured environment where you will get to wear many hats and make decisions on the fly. We want someone who is ready to think of their feet, and be ready to constantly improve upon their skillsets, including the ability to lead their newer support team members.


Prepare and deliver 5-6 demos a day in the allocated product area
Communicate directly with customers via online chat, email, and phone
Help customers solve technical issues with the software
Answer general questions about our product & company
Work with product, and engineering teams to discuss common customer feedback & problems
Track all activities in our CRM system

Strong communication skills (written & spoken)
Willing to work hard & learn. Self-Motivated
Be tech-savvy (excel, word processing, etc)
Any software/web experience is a big plus
Any sales or support experience is a big plus

Thursday, March 23, 2017

ALL MIS STUDENTS: Hear from top women execs in Silicon Valley free & maybe win $100

ALL students no matter what your gender, major, beliefs, or other identities may be are welcome to attend the Women in Leadership League Conference, WILL2017, here on campus (Student Union Ballroom) on Saturday, 4/22/2017 from 9:30am to 5pm. But it will be especially good for MIS students because the keynote addresses come from a couple of top women execs from Cisco and Apple:

These are women who are great role models for MIS students, regardless of gender, and you can learn a lot from them. Also you can win $100 and/or an iPad!

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. We will also raffle off 3 iPads at the end of the day.

Register at: by midnight on 4/7/2017 to be entered into a drawing for a $100 gold card.
In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to “network with a purpose” joining groups of ten individuals to discuss issues of importance as you build the roadmap to your career.  The discussions will be led by moderators form top Silicon Valley companies, including Cisco, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Ericsson, Dell, Nvidia, and many more!

Here's the website:

Check it out.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

super-valuable opp for MIS students interested in Cyber Security

I know. It's holiday time. Everybody's relaxing & doing other stuff but I just saw this amazing opportunity for students seeking a career in Cyber Security and the deadline's coming up before the start of Spring semester, so I'm posting now, hoping people will see it in time.

It's a chance for students to work directly with cyber leaders in the US Dept of Homeland Security. Seriously. How impressive would that look on a resume? Not to mention all you would learn. And the networking potential is staggering. If  you have any interest in this field (and if your GPA meets the 3.0 minimum) then you should get your app in ASAP but for sure before the Jan 20 deadline.

Here's the blurb they sent me:

The Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative (CSVI) is designed to give students an opportunity to work alongside cyber leaders with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

CSVI offers summer opportunities to current undergraduate and graduate students. This nationwide program provides students the chance to gain invaluable hands-on cyber experience through challenging work projects, real-life scenarios, and mentoring from DHS cybersecurity professionals. This initiative provides a way for the Department to expand the pipeline of future cyber talent which is needed to execute the unique cybersecurity missions at DHS Component.

Interns will have the opportunity to apply concepts, protocols and tools acquired through coursework in the real world by working side by side with experts in cybersecurity. Student assignments focus on mission areas such as identification and analysis of malicious code, forensics analysis, incident handling, intrusion detection and prevention, and software assurance.

And here's their webpage with info & app.

Good luck!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Spring MIS Elective in Big Data: Seats Available—Register Soon!

Big Data is probably the hottest area in MIS right now, so if you need an MIS elective (or even if you don't) you should grab a seat in either of Jensen's two Spring 118S sections now while there's space available.

Yes, 118s DOES count as an MIS elective. (MIS students need two to graduate.)

No, it will probably NOT be offered next Fall, so get registered for this Spring.

Yes, employers are hungry for Big Data/Data Analytics skills and you will be getting hands-on experience with leading edge tools from IBM and others. says:
"Big data is not a fad. We are just at the beginning of a revolution that will touch every business and every life on this planet.
At the rate at which data and our ability to anlayze it are growing, businesses of all sizes — large and small — will be using some form of data analytics to impact their business in the next five years.
The question isn’t whether or not big data is here to stay; the question is are you ready."
118S is your chance to get in on it.

Check out this Forbes Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & BI Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2016 about the phenomenal growth predictions for Big Data to nearly double from 2015 to 2020.

And, among all MIS subjects, Big Data definitely brings up the coolest images on Google. Check these out:
Not that Google images are a great way to pick electives...but they sure don't hurt. 

Think about it. Soon–before it fills up.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dec MIS Grads - pls help with 3-min survey ($50 possible!)

First, Congrats! Getting through all the requirements, registration challenges, life diversions, etc. is a big deal. Well done. Time to write the next chapter in your life.

Second, before you go can you take 3 min to leave us some data (anonymous) that we can use to help other students and the MIS program? The SJSU Career Center is collecting this and giving away $50 in a raffle so it could be profitable for you, besides giving back to future generations.

Here's the link to the survey which is in the Career Center's Handshake system. And here's a link to the flyer they're distributing, if you're interested.

Thanks for helping out. Happy Holidays!